Is Rajan Rondo to blame in Dallas?

Rajan Rondo

As much as is being made on Rondo’s inabiltity to cooperate with Rick Carlisle and the team, as well as things not simply working with Dallas, one can infer that the idea that if everyone has a problem with you then it’s your fault is quite true here, but I believe there are more factors here that contribute to this mess in Dallas.

Ronda shouldn’t have been traded there in the first place, which I believe is a huge oversight on the part of Mavs management; and considering this suspicious “injury” to Rondo’s back that media reports are saying will leave them without Rondo for the foreseeable future, Ronda still does command some respect.

He still is afterall an N.B.A. champion, and although many still believe he can’t shoot jumpers–statistically he has shot better both from the field and from three, but I think what most forget is that he was looking like the Rondo of old at the beginning of the Celtic season.  He did afterall have a few triple-doubles, and was averaging an incredible amount of assists before the trade; which probably didn’t matter in the bigger scheme of things since the Celtics were not that great anyway at that point.

Do the Mavs need him and Chandler Parsons to win against the Rockets–maybe, although I believe they weren’t going to win this series anyway, especially after seeing how good the Rockets look with a healthy Dwight Howard and some great adjustments defensively since they lost Patrick Beverley.

Is it Rondo’s fault? Chime in.

This is my first blog guys, so thanks to those who took the time to read and I hope you’ll become long-lasting readers.  Thank you.

Top Ten Rondo highlights just in case you forgot.





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