Is Carmelo still a superstar….was he ever…?

In an article in the N.Y. Post Charles Oakley was quoted on saying that Carmelo Anthony isn’t a superstar at this point in his career. He said that you can’t truly build a championship around him, and that he should mainly be a contributing talent than a main one.

One connection made was the correlation concerning how much he gets paid and his superstar status, and Oakley shot that down as well.

So the question is how do people feel about Melo being a superstar?

Sure, he has no championships, has never made it to the N.B.A. finals with neither the Knicks or Nuggets, and arguably doesn’t make any of his teammates better–which I believe isn’t truly his fault…cough..cough….James Dolan and the shabby Knicks, and the lowly Nuggets who nobody honestly ever believed in, even when both Melo and Iverson were there–but I don’t believe those things should be the determining factors to be a superstar.

I’m personally not a stats, excuses, and so on kind of guy, but it’s hard to overlook all-star appearances, Olympic Gold, a crisp and undeniably efficient jump-shot, an ability to score and defend( which he does take breaks on sometimes), and a career average of 25.2 points–which is hard to overlook.

If Melo gets any flack from me it would be because he chose to stay in N.Y.  He could say whatever he wants but he stayed because of that money. Nobody who’s sane thinking would put any trust in the Knicks as an organization with James Dolan as the owner; not to mention the nearly two-decade embarrasment they’ve been as a basketball team.

Do I believe he’s still a superstar, sure, and I also believe he will retire a superstar, as well as be inducted into the hall of fame. However it’s hard to not quibble when you see the glaring negatives in his profile as a player.

What’s your take?


What do you think? Let me know.

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