Clippers lose game six at home in shocking fashion!

I question the heart of the Clippers!!
This is by far one the most astonishing comebacks I’ve ever seen. All credit to the Rockets for not giving up and playing defense for sure, but after seeing the Clippers not only disappear offensively, and blow a huge lead without any response, but they didn’t even seem interested in battling back. UNBELIEVABLE!!!!
If I’m in that locker I would certainly question everybody’s heart.
The Clippers can’t look like this at all if they make it out of this round, otherwise they should just plan for vacation immediately. 
The bad shot selector himself–Josh Smith not only defended well, but did them in offensively in the 4th quarter. He had 13 in the fourth–WITHOUT HARDEN PLAYING!!!!!
I truly question the heart of the  Clipper’s after this game, and it’s sad because they’re a great team.

Comment if you’d like. I’m stunned folks!


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