Integrity issues in Major League Baseball

To most of us who have been paying attention to the scandals in baseball, I can conclude that most us of believe that the league no longer has any integrity.

As most know by now more evidence that Pete Rose bet on baseball has come to light and I couldn’t be more disgusted. I’m not disgusted so much because of the evidence, but the fact that he can be given a chance by any organization despite his cheating ways. Why would anyone want someone who is banned from the hall of fame forever in the locker room?!

This is just as bad as steroid use in baseball. What’s even worse is how the league, it’s players, and even “fans” of the game support these cheaters. All of a sudden we forget the offenses when they win.

A-Rod is hitting home runs now so it’s all good; Ryan Braun was defended by his teammates to the death despite of insurmountable evidence of his steroid use; and now Pete Rose somehow can have access into a locker room despite his disrespect for the game.

Baseball has no integrity now, and I’m not sure how, if ever, it will recover.


What do you think? Let me know.

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