Seth Curry cementing own name, NBA future with huge Summer League

Interesting story I read about Seth Curry, check it out. I seriously believe he deserves a real chance. Don’t quite understand why he hasn’t been given a starting position yet. He dominates in the D-League, and now just about dominates summer league without even shooting well from 3–which is his specialty–and still still manages to dominate on both ends. Give Seth a chance. Maybe they just don’t want to many Curry’s dominating. Just as a side note, Seth Curry played on the same team with Klay Thompson’s brother in the D-League, and he also is quite dominant. How these two aren’t getting a chance is beyond me. Great piece though, check it out.
Seth Curry received a text message after he’d agreed to play for the New Orleans Pelicans at Summer League. It was from Darren Erman, who would be coaching the team. The two have known each other since Curry was with the Golden State Warriors in training camp in 2013.


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