Will Rousey vs. Cyborg Ever Happen? Should It Be a Catchweight?

So with the win over Correia this past weekend the debate about Ronda and Cyborg continues.(Link to article below).  Personally I would love to see Ronda destroy Cyborg, as she appears to be the only person haters have left to hold on to. Whether you like Ronda or not; whether you like how Dana White promotes her or not; whether you think she’s fighting can’s in the division; one can’t argue that she isn’t well skilled and highly efficient. I don’t care for the debates because at the end of the day she worked her way to the top fairly, and works hard to win. Anyone not agreeing with at least that isn’t truly objective.
I think it’s highly unreasonable for a champ in a superior organization and weight division, to have to submit to someone in anyway who isn’t even in the same league, much less not fighting anyone in the same league with Ronda.  Very odd reasoning from those criticizing  Ronda and the UFC.
I say Cyborg needs to make weight–which is a huge issue for her(which obviously was a result of steroid use)– fight at least one or two of the top fighters in the divison and then we can talk Ronda. If she can’t do that then that isn’t Ronda or anyone else’s fault who isn’t Cyborg. The ball is in her court! Until then, Ronda all day!!! 

The Question: Will Rousey vs. Cyborg Ever Happen? Should It Be a Catchweight? | Bleacher Report http://teamstre.am/1IWx0SU


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