Why the issue with Cam Newton?

Cam Newton


So with all the talk these last few weeks concerning Cam Newton I decided I wanted to write something about it.

A survey released by ESPN yesterday shows what people consider to be the issue with Cam Newton and why people don’t like him.  With all the touchdown celebrations, appearances, dancing, and so on, I don’t understand how people can attack this man’s integrity, or whatever else you want to attack, simply because of some touchdown celebrations.

Anybody who takes issue with that is completely ridiculous.  I don’t hear any uproar about any other player who celebrates…

Celebrations are quite common and great, and in fact some, like Aaron Rogers, have made money off it.  So what I don’t understand is why there is suddenly an issue.  I don’t want to use race because that card is played entirely too much sometimes, but I feel like if you have an issue with this man and his celebrations then you likely never liked him for whatever reason beforehand.

Perhaps it stems from his cheating scandal in college(and no I won’t link it), or his subpar sophomore season, or the years that they struggled to win anything.  If any of those reasons are why then where were those people at those times to complain as he was the same guy then. As a matter of fact, where were those people when every other player was celebrating touchdowns throughout the history of the NFL.

Let the man enjoy his time in the limelight.  It’s the superbowl, he earned it, football life–and life in general is too short.  No problems.  If you have a problem with him dancing after a touchdown without a legitimate reason then one can conclude that it just might be about race, or you’re just a massively bitter, non-fun loving troll.

Enjoy the SuperBowl everyone.


What do you think? Let me know.

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